Global Refund For Air Passengers Against Flight Delay Or Cancellation
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More than 1 BILLION air passengers yearly face the problem of delayed or cancelled flights. Many of them lose their money and waste their nerves.

of passengers in the world
experience flight problems
Passengers flown away without problems, ~2.1 bln
Passengers of flights delayed up to one hour, ~1.1 bln
Passengers of cancelled, diverted to other airports flights, as well as passengers of flights delayed more than one hour,
~0.1 bln

Sources: Airports Council International (, IATA (


When your flight fails because of some problem (regular situation or force majeure*), you have only three ways of financial protection:
  1. Refer to FAA Rule 240 (USA) and/or EC Regulation 261/2004 (EU);
  2. Rely on Airline Policy;
  3. Get a Trip Insurance.
*Force majeure: poor weather conditions, strikes, air traffic flow management errors or delays, safety and security arrangements, political instability, etc. Regular situations: late flight, airline bankruptcy, technical failure of the aircraft, etc.

The law cannot fully protect the rights of airline passengers. Your rights might often be exercised after reference to the court only.

Current solutions offered by insurance companies are often too complicated. The process is long and cumbersome.

Complicated paperwork, numerous telephone calls, delays and the general hassle will try your patience. Time wasted and money lost. Who needs that?. You need a quick solution to your problem.


Until air tickets are free and regulations are perfect, we all don't have much choice to solve our problems except the sompensation service. That's why we put our heads together and created PeopleFlyPlanet.

Our task is to make the whole process clear, simple and convenient. We have created a product that works for you. It is clear, concise and convenient. Neither the airlines, the regulatory authorities, nor insurance companies can perform this task as effectively as we can.

Now, PeopleFlyPlanet clients can count on being refunded within an hour while waiting at the airport without any supporting documents to be collected and submitted for approval. In order to see how it works you can get compensation at right now in the test mode.

Approximately 200 million of passengers in the world face the severe flight problems each year (flight delay exceeds 1 hour, is diverted or cancelled). That’s why the main goal of this project is global coverage and financial protection for all passengers, even in those countries where the service is not provided.

Why we know it is important?

Source: RITA BTS (

Annually there are ~38-76 million airline passengers in the U.S. who experience severe flight delays.

Moreover, every third passenger who experiences a flight delay has his or her flight cancelled.

This can be a very unpleasant event. However, if it doesn't change your plans drastically and doesn't cost you extra money it can make your life a lot easier. After all, why should you pay more if this happens to you?

The number of passengers who encounter similar problems all over the world has reached staggering numbers: there are ~133 million people every year who experience severe flight delays and cancellations.

Flight problems can be divided into two categories:
  1. Mistakes made by the airlines (air carrier delays, aircraft arriving late, bankruptcy of airlines);
  2. Events outside of airline control, the so-called 'force majeure':
    • Political instability,
    • Safety and security reasons,
    • Weather conditions,
    • Labour disputes,
    • Failure or delay of air traffic control facilities.
Passengers are supposedly protected from the airline's faults by Rule 240 in the U.S. and Regulation 261/2004 in EU.

But it's still quite difficult to settle problems if you travel by two or more different airlines. When your arrival for a connecting flight is severely delayed, your connecting flight will leave without you further complicating your travel plans. Transfer to a cruise ship could turn into a problem too if your flight is late or cancelled.

But when it comes to events which are classified as 'force majeure' (which airlines cannot influence), passengers remain totally unprotected. Regulations do not work at all under these circumstances. Therefore the passengers cannot count on refunding and they will incur extra expenses.

All aircraft travelers deserve strong support in all cases. Laws are imperfect, and this is why compnesation service is the most effective method of financial protection.

What we offer

Full refund from any delay or cancellation, including extraordinary events
Immediate payment of compensation
Online operations
99% coverage of all passenger airports and airlines worldwide
Chains of connecting flights from different airlines
Refund for extra cash exceeding you tickets value, e.g. vacation costs
24/7 service availability
Why we are different

We solve problems related to late or cancelled scheduled flights in a timely and efficient manner
Single compensation for all possible problems with your flights. No hidden comments, reservations
We pay right away, while you are still at the airport
The refund is paid out immediately, in the total amount
We do not need additional written evidence
Today we are ready to cover 16,000 airports and the flights of 1,400 worldwide airlines
Our service covers both domestic and international flights worldwide
No deductions from your refund: If the airline pays an indemnity to you, this does not influence our compensation amount. You are entitled to claim indemnity from the airline and at the same time a refund by PeopleFlyPlanet

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