Global Refund For Air Passengers Against Flight Delay Or Cancellation
User Agreement

Service Description

The service of refund offered by PeopleFlyPlanet represents money compensation of the expenses that the customer of this Service might incur in case of a flight delay, flight cancellation or landing in a different airport.

The refund service only covers scheduled flights, including connecting flights of all destinations (domestic and international for the country of departure) of all scheduled routes.

Calculation of the Service cost for each customer is individual and takes into account the risks related to a specific flight, flight destination and flight time as well as all the other factors, which may affect a flight schedule.

A customer pays for the service voluntarily giving all the required data on their flight.

A customer pays for the service voluntarily giving all the required data on their flight. If events specified in the contract with the buyer of the service occur, a customer is entitled to a refund at the amount provided for by the contract unless it contradicts the User Agreement and the applicable legislation of the country of registration of the online service PeopleFlyPlanet.


  1. PeopleFlyPlanet refunds air tickets for sheduled flights only. We do not refund tickets for charter or nonscheduled flights. If you are not sure what type your flight is, please contacts the airline for details.
  2. If for any reason you fail to understand if your flight is scheduled, you can still buy compensation of your ticket. However, if we do not find the information on this flight afterwards, we will not pay any compensation to you, but you will get back the price of compensation (amount paid to compensate your ticket).
In payment of your PeopleFlyPlanet compensation service, you agree and accept that:
  1. You automatically accept all the terms of this User Agreement.
  2. The information provided by you is true and correct.
  3. Providing invalid, incorrect or false information may lead to our unilateral decision to refuse paying the compensation and returning the cost of compensation.
  4. The data provided by you shall be deemed informative, however not definitive for making a decision on the fact of an event or payment of the compensation.
  5. PeopleFlyPlanet reserves the right to contact you, the airline company and the airport, if needed, to verify all the necessary flight details.
  6. We also reserve the right to request from you additional information related to your flight, ticket, ticket fee and other expenses incurred. In case you fail to provide the requested information, we shall be entitled to refuse the payment of compensation and refund of the cost of compensation.

Repayment of the Service Cost

You may demand the refund of the sum paid for the service regardless of your reasons.

Refund of the sum paid for the service will be effected under the following conditions:
  1. You have at least 24 hours before your flight departure.
  2. You returned your ticket to the airline.
No other circumstances can constitute grounds for demanding the refund of the sum paid for the service.

To initiate a procedure of the refund you have to fill out the online form on our website.